You want this LOL APK file then see this?

I know you must be waiting for this game so much.Everyone is eagerly waiting for this game to play.But you never know how the things get wrong.As per the information,I got that they have postponed the release of wild rift right now.

I know its a heartbreaking news for you guys because there have been certain issues which caused this thing to happen in china.I will explain that thing to you guys in my next blog,that whats the reason behind of postponing the release of wild rift.

So i know it been hard to digest these kind of news.If anybody want to early access this game then i have that apk file for you guys.See the video down below in which you can early access this file but thats only the alpha version of league of legends wild rift.So if you find his video meaningful then support him and subscribe his content and comment down anything like thanks.

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