But why do we need whatsapp groups ?😕

            IT'S SIMPLE :😀😀😀😀😀

                1.WhatsApp is the best communicative way to                              communicate people world wide.

                2.WhatsApp Calls are free and the messages also                           does not take to much net      

                   3. Also for sending messages it doesn't need a  good                       ping or MS 

                  4. We can also communicate with the help of                           photos , GIF, stickers and emoji's which makes it               more efficient and funny way to talk and share experiences

Image result for image of whatsapp with stickers
stickers on WhatsApp 
             See the source image
5. Last but not least it doesn't hang in the midway of the chat

*But these facilities are on my  Game already why do I need this then ?  😋     

dramatic problems chatting system in game :😡

1. The chats doesn't come in such sequence so we can read      every chats unlike in WhatsApp you can take time to read every chats but sometime it also gets overloaded 

2. To write frequently the most important is good ping                    as in ping like 340 ms to send message it takes too much            time                                               

3. special symbol , gif's , photos, stickers etc cannot send as and messages in the chatting system of game 

4.There is voice over system providing voice chats but the voice are always so bad that we cant understand the words that our friend saying unlike WhatsApp having an calling system .                 

NOTE: Game and whatsapp has different platforms so they are not to be being compare and they are great in their own 😋

 Q. So should we join whatsapp groups of lol ?

Off course , you should join the whatsapp group of lol 👍

YOU CAN MAKE: New Friends , new strategy for game together , Maybe a girlfriend [If your luck is on another peak from others] Well that would be enough for anyone to join :)       


1.No need any type of spammers or anykind of hackers 
2.No need any account seller in the group (soon the selling and buying group of account would be out in our next blog stay tuned:)]
3.Only geniune players who play lol are only allowed in the group
4. you can promote your lol channel by sharing the vedio on the groups 
NOTE: Group is for chatting purpose so you can chat freely but please avoid bad languages in group . 


Lol group 1 :

Lol group 2:

That's all for today for more intersting blog like this stay tuned :))



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