Do you wanna know the Deep Reason?

It happens that which makes you think?

Lets shortlist in points :
  • Corona Virus

  • How this virus affected the game release?

  • When it will be Released then?


This Virus is been found in china  which is also know techno Hub .This Virus has affected china citizens so badly that they have been surviving so bad .As per china source, they have claimed that this virus is transmitted from animals like bats and snake.But the reality is different ,China was actually preparing some viruses in laboratories which actually went wrong and due to that many labs person got affected and the people around the lab also got affected from it.Then as you know this virus is like a pathogen which means this virus is a carrier in every person.Anyways this was the Virus information .Now you must be thinking how its related to game?Am i right .
Let me explain you with next question then.
             How this virus affected the game release?

When the Virus affected the city?

Then people start to departure from china to other countries.So that they can stay safe from these virus .And due to this the market,companies and all tech things are highly affected because all the shareholder ,corporate offices like apple etc etc has taken their branch and authority back from china because none of the people are ready to work in china .And there was government Official holiday as well till February 8 or 9 .Considering all the facts in mind Tencent and Riot gaming has decided to postpone the launch date of alpha version (league of legends wild rift).So if you are expecting this game to be released in February ,March etc .Then i would say sorry the Bad luck has knocked your door till the antidote come for corona virus .

When it will be Released then?

 League of legends Wild Rift will be getting launched in the end of 2020 or maybe somewhere in April or May as per the sources.

If you still wanna use the alpha version then here is the link from where you can download the chinese version .

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